Českomoravská textilní Ltd. is one of the major manufacturing companies focused on domestic textiles. It has been established in Letovice, a town producing textiles since the 18th century. Our company started to manufacture its own exclusive designs of curtains and decorative fabrics on top quality machines in cooperation with other textile manufacturers in 1998. The styling and manufacturing of various designs are marketed to the demands of our customers. All of our designs can be easily recognized under the trade mark  ADWIN. The main characteristic of the company is represented by modern technologies that offer a wide pallette of different possibilities in production of woven and knitted curtains as well as decorative fabrics and upholstery. Many years of experience supported by teams of proffesionals and latest quality equipment make Českomoravská textilní a flexible and creative company, capable to fulfill all customers requests. Introduction of computer technologies into a complete production process, creating designs up to its final production, brings our company to the highest level. All products are directed at domestic as well as export markets.

  Českomoravská textilní s.r.o. has more than 15 years experience. Apart from its own manufacture, the basic offer of the assortment includes foreign manufacturers (a photograph from the exhibition – MOBITEX Trade Fair). We provide our business partners, who are predominantly shops with domestic textiles, decorator's studios, designers and architects, with various services: regular deliveries of rolled-up fabrics and piece goods, deliveries of cut fabrics, or they can use the services of our professional sewing workroom. Our endeavour is to provide best quality services reaching high European standard, and, simultaneously, our effort is focused on finishing of interiors, and increasing their aesthetic value with help of our materials.

  Maintaining a high level of environment protection is included in our top quality production and good customer services, one of the main targets of Českomoravská textilní company. The company is aware of its responsibilities with respect to creation and preservation of healthy environment within the town, as well as in the area of the existence of its main production plant. Českomoravská textilní s.r.o. applies the environmental protection policy based on production processes that are harmless to the health and environment, on utilization of recyclable materials, and on safe handling and transportation of the products. We are always aware of an effective saving on material and energy sources, minimum waste production, and on preventing any environmental pollution. 

  Českomoravská textilní s.r.o. pays much attention to the requirements of health protection of its employees and customers, and via its activities, the company supports healthy lifestyle and healthy environment. The health support and protection is one of the most priorities of the company in the area of the complex care for its employees. Českomoravská textilní s.r.o. takes its occupational health policy beyond the legal requirements. The main objective of the occupational health policy is to provide all our employees with quality medical care, primarily aimed at prevention, health support, health protection, and elimination of the impacts of the demanding work in the textile industry.